Ladies Ribbons Tournament 2015

December 05, 2015 by Mark (Parko) Parkinson

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Marlin (Black)

We came so close but nature beat us to the fish we needed to win the comp for the ladies.
The woman’s Ribbons tournament held out of Cairns each December is a great way for Captains and crew to wind down from the heavy tackle season and enjoy a great day out with the ladies to catch a black marlin on light tackl 10 to 24kg.The day started out skipping gars and trolling small lures for Dolphin fish in which were in great number and in short time were hooking up and having fun.The the Captain called for swim baits to go out and not long after the girls tagged the first fish for the tournament after a 40 minute fight for Jenny Mossop.We had 3 other bites for the day and all fish were over 600 pound which was going to be a big effort on light tackle.Emelia was next to hook up and she was in for the fight of her life with a fish we called at 700 pounds on 24kg stand up,we came so close to tagging but fish jumped and got tail wrapped and went deep after an hour.We tried all ways to get her up but in the end nature beat us and fish was lost.That was the one we needed to take victory.Kourtney hooked up next on another big 600 pounder on 15kg but unfortunately threw the hook and had a scary missed bite out of an absoluter real one close to 800+ pounds on 15 and glad we didn’t connect as i would hate to say how that would of ended.Girls landed a few more dollies and then back to port for tag cards and weigh in of dolphin fish.
We ended up 4th overall out of 44 boats and 141 anglers.
Champion visiting Angler
First Billfish tagged
2nd for best picture during comp
Encouragement award for the big Black marlin which we had on for over an hour.

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