What a Day!

May 13, 2016 by Scott Collins

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Tuna (Blackfin)

We went out with anglers Alex and Jim with a full bait well and some nice conditions on 5/14/16. From the second we put the baits out there was action. The first bite comes with in seconds. Drag is screaming. I’m thinking wahoo. Alex jumps on the rod. After a nice fight, we land a chunky blackfin, a nice surprise! During the celebration, the left long goes down. Same bite, identical fish. Jimbo gets his glory on a twin blackfin. At this point we are so pumped. We spot some birds and hook up on a nice sailfish. Alex catches his first sail and black fin with in 30 minutes. At this point the ledge is mobbed with boats. Combat fishing at its finest. At 9 am we are feeling how can this day get any better? We decide to roll the dice and head deep to find some dolphin. We get lucky and find a nice patch and floating grass. After sight fishing two peanuts on 1 oz buck tails. We hit two at the same time out the back trolling. At noon we had enough and called it a half day. It was a great morning and some fine angling. We have a couple of open dates in May. See you on the water.

Capt. Scott Collins

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