Captain Kenny's Cabo Fishing Report

May 13, 2016 by Kenneth P. Busick

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The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Marlin (Striped)

Hola guys, Captain Kenny Busick here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for Fishing Booker and The One Baja.  Great weather here in Cabo and great fishing on the Stripe Marlin has been going on for most of the year.  Friday the 13th, turned out to be a lucky day for Samurai and our VIP TEAM from Texas.  We raised several Marlin and released 1.  We saw many, many Marlin jumping in the area we worked just 4 to 5 miles from the Marina.  About 2 hours into the day we had a strike and what we initially thought we a FAT Wahoo turned out to be Dorado!  We had not even seen a Dorado in about 3 months.  It was a very welcome surprise for us and our VIP Team.  Texas angler Jerry Franklin was in the chair and brought the fish to the boat in about 2 minutes flat.  The Big Bull was about 40 pounds and was quickly filleted, vacuum bagged and placed in the freezer for dinner later that night.  We went back to work in the same good area with the same good spread and were on fish number two within 20 minutes.  Up next Texas Lady Angler Jackie in the chair and her tournament qualifying fish was on the boat in no time at all.  Jackie was a great sport and a great angler for us, even though we was getting a little bit sea sick.  What a champ!  We continued to work for a few more hours and got to see many Stripers jumping.  One smaller striper in particular put on a show for about 30 to 40 seconds jumping all around the Samurai.  I got the feeling he was just taunting us!  Well Mr. Marlin, we will be seeing you again soon when you get a little bigger!  I hope you guys have a great week and please give us a call if you are looking for World Class Food and Beverage and Exciting Sport Fishing Action!  My expert crew and I are standing by to serve you.  This is Captain Kenny Busick for The One Baja Team and FishingBooker wishing you a fantastic week.  The weather is heating up and so is the fishing here in Baja.  Thank you for stopping by.  God bless you!

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