Getting Crushed by big snapper!!

May 15, 2016 by Albert

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Snapper (Red)

Fast and furious best describes how the fish were biting on our fishing trip Sunday. Family and friends joined to make our maiden voyage on our newly acquired boat a huge success! Captain Mike from the charter boat Sure Shot joined in, to make this a most memorable trip. After a very short ride in somewhat choppy conditions, we arrived at our first spot. The first spot proved to be a lesson on just how hard it is to pull a fully grown big red snapper away from his shallow water home, All I will say is there is a lot of angle iron in which to part your line from the hooked fish. Big red snapper after big red snapper would take us to the cleaners, much to the displeasure of our captain! After rerigging several times, Marci and Hunter managed a nice fish to gaff. Finally it seemed there was some hope that we would end up with a few nice fish after all!
These fish are really quite a challenge. Living in shallow water, these large snapper will crush a large 6/0 reel loaded with 80# line and heavy drag! After taking your bait just feet below the boat, they are strong enough to manage to peel line off the reel and make it to they’re home below where they will soon be free from your attempt to make a meal out of them!
Before we completely conceded to these mean beast below, Shawn managed to bring to gaff a 20# behamoth of a snapper! Quite an accomplishment for a tall Texan who typically Crappie and bass fishs! He was stoked to say the least! And last but not least, Capt Cuz, (myself) was also able to pull a couple of the stubborn advesarries to the surface. Others on the boat got in on the action and before you knew it we were headed back with what turned out to be an AWESOME catch.
So if your in our area and want to try your hand at turning one of these beast of a fish into table fare, book a trip with us and let’s go “Catch some fun!” on the Jus Cuz charter boat!

Tight Lines and good times!

Captain Albert “Cuz” Stinson

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