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6 days of Cape Town Tuna Mayhem part 1

May 09, 2016 by Fish Tales Charters

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Tuna (Yellowfin)

Its 9 May 2016, the day before the Tuna Nationals is set to start.

As I’m not allowed to fish while I’m skippering for the Nationals I decided that it is absolutely necessary for me to get a line in the water the day before, to keep my sanity.

6am & we meet a few clients at Millers Point slipway, go through the safety briefing & set a course for the tuna grounds in the west. The sea is a bit choppy but in some cases the fish like to eat better in choppy seas rather than calm seas. Its once again one of those days, the clock turns 12:00 and we do not have a fish on the boat & I can see that my clients are starting to doubt that they will see a fish today.

12:30 and it starts. I look at my fishfinder and its packed with marks & I say to the crew that we are going to go tight NOW, a few seconds later & ZZZZZZZ goes the reel. We hook up to a longfin on the backlines, another & then a massive yellowfin tuna strike on the brown squid behind the bird.

Not to long & we have 3 longfin & 1 yellowfin on the boat. With the fish finder going crazy marking fish under the boat we start chumming and everyone starts catching longfin with every drop of the line.

With all my clients catching tuna like crazy, William and I drop a line to join on the action. With my second drop I get picked up by a fish that runs just like a longfin & I still say to William that “I dont need a harness, its a longfin”. But this was no longfin, all of a sudden it runs off like a steam locomotive & turns into a very big fish. Short after that another big fish makes a run on William’s rod & we are both on two very nice fish. Another 10 minutes & Tom goes tight on his stella 20 000 spinning outfit, also a big fish!

3x big Tuna equals lots of chaos on a boat & we have to dance around each other to ensure that the lines don’t cross. After 30min Tom’s braid pops but we still have two of the 3 fish on the line.

2 hours of keeping the fish from crossing our lines & we have the first yellowfin in the boat, 20 min later & my yellowfin is in the boat.

With smiles all round we decide to call it a day & head back to port.

The catch for the day: multiple Longfin tuna, 56kg, 90kg & 103.8kg Yellowfin tuna. What a day!

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