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6 days of Cape Town Tuna Mayhem part 2

May 10, 2016 by Fish Tales Charters

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Tuna (Yellowfin)

SADSAA Tuna Nationals starts….

10 May & its the start of the SADSAA Tuna Nationals & I have team Freestate on the boat. My start point will be the same area that I got the fish in the day before. But there’s a ugly twist to this story… In the Tuna Nationals the teams fish with 10kg line as opposed to the 36KG that we normally fish!

This was going to be quite a change in game plan for me as I learn more about how to approach the Nationals. Normally we go out & target bigger fish, but with the Nationals, this approach is not always the best.

Just before 13:00 we hook up to our first fish & what do you know, its a BIG fish! We ended up fighting the fish into extra time (the competition lines up is at 3pm, but if you are hooked up to a fish you are allowed extra time till 4pm) but the angler is unable to raise the fish & we end up breaking the line at 16:00. Sad, sad day to say the least. Fish Tales – 0 Points

Day two – Team North West

Hell bend to turn around the woes of the day before I go to a different area to try & get smaller longfin as well. We end up working an area far away from the other boats in the comp. There is absolutely NO wind & pulling lures just did not feel right to me. I saw a few bonnies jumping & decided to start a chum line right there. Our drift is so slow that our chum basically goes straight down… Wow, is this the Cape of Storms? I’m not complaining however, days like that we have to take in & enjoy.

Not long after our chum line was started the guys hook up to their first longfin, phew, atleast not a blank again.. Then its chaos with all 3 anglers landing multiple longfin tuna.

In 99% of the cases with making a chum line the fish comes in this order: 1st the Sharks, 2nd the Longfin & 3rd the Yellowfin. The order stayed true again with two anglers going tight with Yellowfin.

After 1hr the first yellowfin gets burned off by a longfin line & after 2 and a half hours the second also get burned off!

After landing a few more longfin we move off to another area to try & get one more yellowfin hookup & start a chum line. 20Min & we are hooked up to another yellowfin, but the time is 14:30 which means that the fish needs to be in the boat before 16:00 in extra time. 15:45 & the fish is coming nicely after taking almost all the line off the spool, 15:55 & there is about 50m of line still to come in with the fish taking no line.. But with so little time left Heini had to put the drag up to try & get the fish in the boat faster, which proved to be just to much for the 10kg line to handle with the line breaking at 15:58

Fish Tales is at-least on the board with a hefty catch of longfin. 530.41 points

Day three – Team Gauteng

Almost immediately after putting our backlines in we hook up to two longfin tuna & get them in the boat. At 12:00 I leave our chumline that was just producing sharks & move to another area to make new chumline.

Just before 13:00 we hook up to our first yellowfin & the angler makes quick work to get the fish of 39KG into the boat. At last, we have a yellowfin in the boat!

14:00 & we hook onto another yellowfin which takes us into overtime once again! But this fish has a different idea & is not even close to cooperative. After breaking the surface a few times the angler is once again forced to push up the drag to try & get the fish in before overtime… what happens at 15:55? You guessed it, the line pops!

Fish Tales – Top Boat for day 3 with 569.82 points

Day four – Team SADSAA

Team SADSAA is on the boat, in a sense the best of the best… adding pressure on me as the skipper to produce the fish!

After getting info that the Tuna Pole fleet has moved a bit South I set course for that area (the Tuna Pole fleet is commercial tuna fishing boats). Almost immediately after lines in we hook up to our first longfin, then it slows down for a bit until we get a 4 up on longfin of which 2 fish came onto the boat. Right, chumline! Again, first the sharks, then the longfin & yes – the yellowfin! Longfin after longfin gets caught with the bigger fish sitting at 40m. The guys change tactics & drop a spinner to 40m & almost immediately goes tight. A couple more longfin & something much bigger keeping Daniel very busy while the others load the longies. After a while his hook pulls but after a few casts he is onto something big again that keeps him entertained for hours.

While he is busy battling a big fish on 10 KG line the Yellowfin & the Longfin came right into our chumline giving Chris & Marius the opportunity to choose the fish they wanted to catch.

With the sharks being pesty they then decide to start casting poppers at them.

First Chris catches a nice yellowfin on the popper & then Marius catches a big eye on the popper (in record time, I may add. He had the fish in the boat under 1min!)

After more than 3 hours Daniel’s line pops after a reel failure & he joins in on the longfin action, boating a few more longies.

Fish Tales – Top Boat day 4 with 2139.02 points

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