6 days of Cape Town Tuna Mayhem part 3

May 15, 2016 by Fish Tales Charters

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Tuna (Yellowfin)

With the Tuna Nationals coming to an end the guys from North West decides that they need to go & catch a few tuna on 80pnd tackle with me the next day. What a joy! Heini makes quick work of a 86kg yellowfin to get it into the boat in under 50min. We also caught another of about 40kg & plenty of longfin!

What a week this was. I caught my personal best of 103.8kg on Monday. Endured heartbreak watching the guys break line after line after line in the Nationals. Saw fish eating chum literally meters from the boat. Had some of the best weather at sea that any fisherman could ask for. And to top it all, I came in 2nd place for Top Boat / Skipper in the SADSAA Tuna Nationals after getting no points on day one.

Tuna Nationals results:

1st – SADSAA

2nd – Southern Cape

3rd – Western Province

4th – North West

Top Boat results:

1st – Atlantis

2nd – Fish Tales (fitted with Raymarine Electronics)

3rd – Major Tom

4th – Blue Diamond

Special thanks to Cape Boat and Skiboat club for hosting a great SADSAA Tuna Nationals 2016 – see you in 2017!

My note to self taken away from this past week: Everyday is different with the conditions changing & the fish reacting differently. One needs to adapt quickly as you can never catch yesterday’s fish, today. The fishing might be good on the backlines today but tomorrow they are just not interested in the backlines. One colour works today, tomorrow a completely different colour works. If the fish have fed well for a few days, catching them on bait becomes more difficult & you will frustrate yourself with fish swimming in the chum but not taking a baitline, when this occurs, rather try & generate a instinctive strike on a lure. When the fish are fussy, eating chum but not baitlines, use thinner fluro & small hooks. Both the 86kg & the 103kg Yellowfin was caught on 80lbs fluro.

Its important to be able to read your Fish Finder properly. On my Raymarine Fish Finder, In chirp mode I can tell the guys how deep their spinners are dropping & if they are reaching the fish, I can easily distinguish between yellowfin tuna & longfin tuna, this is one of the greatest weapons in any skipper’s arsenal.

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