Day 3 With Tennessee Customers

May 25, 2016 by Rob Dupont

Trip Info

The Catch

With the wind howling as it seems to have been good at doing lately, our mission today was more slot reds. They basically wanted to repeat yesterday’s rat red slam. With some leftover fresh shrimp from yesterday we hit the duck ponds. The slow incoming tide was what we needed but the bite seemed really slow early. As the morning progressed we started getting some takedowns. Yesterday we concentrated strictly on points and most of our fish was 16-20”. Today I changed up the attack and worked grass lines. This seemed to produce more upper slot fish as they are cruising the grass beds eating pogie and finger mullet. My customers did great working the corks just on the edge of the grass and pulled out some really nice fish. These guys had a great 3 days in our paradise and have already booked the same 3 days next year, staying at the Reel Inn of course. They couldn’t get over the accommodations as well as our great fishery. Big thanks to Capt. Elton, Capt. Josh, Capt. Travis L., and Capt. Austin for showing all the guys a great time.

Capt. Rob Dupont
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