Albies On Fly Will Make You Cry

May 26, 2016 by Cliff Budd

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The Catch
Little Tunny (False Albacore)

“You have tried the rest, now try the best.” That’s a saying on a lot of pizza boxes. To me, that applies to catching some super hard fighting fish.
Many anglers have caught multiple hard fighting species from around the globe that are highly prized.  They have caught different “slams” still in my humble opinion, and opinions vary.
False albacore, bonito, hard heads, bombers, footballs, bullets or many other names for these fast-swimming speedsters , have been called, are one of the hardest fighting fish on the planet, period.
I think of them like the Rodney Dangerfield of fish. They got ”no respect”,  that is, until you catch one on the fly.

Albies take the bait, and swim as fast as a speeding train, or so it seems. They come up, go down, zigzag, you name it, they do it, all but jump when hooked. They do jump when feeding.
They bring out “Murphy’s Law” too, since they hit so hard, whatever can go wrong, will. If your line is not straight, wrapped around something, or just not perfect on the reel, something will give way, which adds to the excitement.

Then throw in some big bull sharks chasing and trying to eat them, it’s like hooking a fish on steroids. It is truly exciting, even for the seasoned angler.
There are some places that the fish congregate in for a few weeks, and our area, Jupiter FL., is a main hotspot.

We do practice catch, revive and release, so the fish can fight another day.

Let me know if I can show you this amazing fishery, on my boat or yours.

Capt. Cliff——-



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