June 09, 2021 Port Clinton 1 photo

Trip Summary

The good news: intel said that the bite was still going on. Bad news: it was 26 miles away. I explained to Mike, Bob, Gunner, and Frank that it would take at least an hour and a half to get there. They agreed. With a calm lake and a full tank of fuel we left at about 6 AM. The crew all came with rods and Erie Dearies. Soon they switched to " Weapons". We went home with 25 fine walleyes.
Dwight Zeman
Port-clinton, Ohio, United States
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The COVID 19 restrictions have been reduced. Based on the positive feedback from the captain’s fisherpeople, the number of people in the group will be 4. The groups liked the space they had on the boat as well as the personal attention he could give...

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