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February Redfish Bonanza

February 26, 2015 by Louis Rossignol

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I just finished up a 4 day stretch during some ridiculous weather and we caught well over 100 redfish during that time. Chris and his dad from Missouri, and Justin and Michael from Arkansas came down to join me to take a break from the snow and ice. They thought our weather was Caribbean compared to theirs.
Day 1, 100% RAIN. I mean non-stop. Chris wanted bulls, so I gave him bulls. But once the front came through the wind switched and it got too dangerous to stay out there.
Day 2, Strong NW winds and freezing cold, at least for me. But I was able to get a little angle on the wind and got my boat up into my honey hole. First cast and it was chaos!
Day 3, Strong NE winds and still freezing cold. The cold took its effect on the waters, chilling them down to less than 50 degrees. We could see fish but they wouldn’t bite. We still managed a few nice reds and one big flounder.
Day 4, More Strong NE winds. But I figured the plan was simple, find warmer water. I knew the fish would be starving. First stop, I let my guys fish for about 5 or 10 minutes and they never caught anything. I said, lemme try. My first cast the cork went down 10 seconds later to a nice puppy drum. Hmm, I said, lemme try again. This cast the cork never stopped once it hit the water. Redfish on! I put my pole down and told my guys where to cast and then the school got fired up. It was really hard to believe how many fish were on that spot. If your jighead got stuck on the bottom and you had to whip your cork to get it unstuck, a redfish would hit the cork.
My buddy called me because he was struggling with his charter and I had him come over and he started catching and I mean every cast. We never left that spot and we boated somewhere around 75-80 nice redfish on my boat and my buddy had to catch 30 or 40 on his. We took pictures and tagged bulls and kept some slots. All day I think I only moved the boat 40 yards. For the most part, it was 27 ½” - 32” fish every cast. It was an unbelievable ending to a nice 4 day trip with horrible weather, but it beats shoveling snow!
Capt. Louis Rossignol
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