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50+ Bull Reds in a Single Day!!!

February 06, 2015 by Louis Rossignol

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I recently took 2 guys from Boston Mass., John Hoffman and his buddy Mike on a fishing trip down in Venice La. They wanted to only catch and release, as they were not going to bring any fish home. The conditions were a strong NE wind, approx. 15-20mph; water temp was 53 degrees and a rising tide all day.

We went to a large bay down river and started casting plastic cocahoe tails under a cork. We were easing down this shallow bank and all of a sudden we spooked a school of mullets on the shoreline. The mullets swam out into the bay and next thing you know, it was ON FIRE!!!

The 2 anglers caught and release right around 25 bull reds on that first spot. When they quit, I moved the boat about 50 yards further into the bay because I figured the fish would be moving further in due to the rising tide we had all day. They picked up another 3. Then I moved the boat 50 yard further and they picked up yet, another 3.

After this spot we went all the way to the back of the bay and the wind was blowing so hard that it was blowing the water right through the canes. I put the power pole down and on their first casts; they doubled up with massive 35 and 32 pounders on my handheld scale. We stayed in that spot for the next 2 hours catching and releasing all the bull reds their arms could take. I can only estimate that they caught another 25 or 30.
I called my buddy, Capt. Jay over because he was running a charter also, and once Capt. Jay got there the bite was over. That figures.

We wondered over to another adjoining bay and I told the guys to cast into these canes that were growing in the middle of the water and they didn’t hit the mark to say the least. I walked up to the bow and threw where I told them and the water exploded again with another bull red in the 30 pound range. We drifted from that spot and picked up a couple of trout, which we also released. We then went to the back of that pond and I hit another large red only to have the fish spit the hook.

It was an awesome day with 2 awesome guys. By the way, John Hoffman and Mike run an organization in Boston called the Fishing Academy. The Mission of The Fishing Academy is to provide young people in the greater Boston area, and especially Boston’s poorer neighborhoods, the opportunity to experience the outdoors and learn life-skills, such as teamwork, patience, discipline, self-confidence and respect through the sport of Fishing. Now in their ninth year, they have taken over 4,000 youth off the streets and into the great outdoors. The Fishing Academy has had an overwhelming response from people in the community, parents, teachers, friends and supporters.

Capt. Louis Rossignol
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