June 06, 2016 by Luis Burgos

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Jack Crevalle
King Mackerel (Kingfish)

It was a FULL HOUSE , with a Soldier aboard with his three children and a dear friend @ the Caribbean Fishing Academy this morning.  Active duty veteran Tony decided to share quality time with his kids and Carlitos, the son of his best friend battle buddy.

Talking about Carlitos…, he was at the right place at the right time.  In a moment where everyone was simply enjoy the day out…  the rod next to Carlitos went (((BOOOM))) with a screaming reel and a very aggresive rod bending action.  As intimmidating that that moment was and with his 15 years of age, he went straight to the rod.  Now with rod in hand, the real battle began, typical of a MONSTER Jack Crevalle fight.  A son of a warrior on the making indeed.  I must say that during a long and powerful fight, he was tempted to pass the rod but encourage by his friends, he managethen overcome his exhaustion and managed to land his biggest fish so far.  It was not only his biggest yet but the only fish he has ever caught and his first time aboard a boat.  What a treat and unforgettable moment for him.  I’m pretty sure that this will grow Tony’s and his best friend’s frienship even more.  Moments that will impact everyone aboard, including me.

Sooo grateful for allowing us to serve you and your family Tony.  See you soon Sir and thank you for serving our country.

Thank you amigos!
Capt. Luis Burgos
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