Texting While Tarpon Fishing

June 07, 2016 by Luis Burgos

Trip Info

The Catch

On the magic hour right at dusk, a very aggressive rod bending action put James from Chicago, on it’s first ever Tarpon.  He manage to land it and fool all the odds that you normaly read about landing Tarpons.  He followed directions to the tee and the results where landing his first ever Silver King while his brother texted the moment live during the fight :)

The grounds where full of life and after a long fight, success.  He grasp the moment with an exhausted and big smiley face by saying right after a perfect release:  “This was definitely worth it, what an amazing fight”.

Thank you John, Johnny and James for allowing us to serve you.  Grateful for letting us know that you will be sharing your new fishing moments with friends and family.

Thank you amigos;
Capt. Luis Burgos
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