June 01, 2016 by Joe Eskay

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The Catch

It’s been an amazing fishery the past couple of months, as we come into June and warmer temps the Tarpon migration is in full swing. This month we will have more shots at Tarpon and more Tarpon in the air than any other time of year. The bite has been consistent with multiple hook ups on most days. Here’s a pic and if I can post a video that will be up too of a couple of clients. David fought his fish for about an hour, this was one of the most stubborn Tarpon to date this year. This fish just didn’t want to be caught. Multiple 6ft jumps in the air and marked with several 100 plus yard runs. We had to chase this Tarpon for a few miles before it was subdued. Even when the fish was next to the boat it just didn’t want to give up. These fish are magnificent and are a huge accomplishment for any angler to achieve. Tarpon have been around since the dinosaurs and have not needed to evolve much to survive. Come out and have a chance at catching prehistoric big game.

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