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June 10, 2016 by Jesse Johnson

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The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Snapper (Red)
Triggerfish (Gray)

We have been extremely lucky in the fact that we have booked trips consistently since starting the business. That hasn’t left much time for personal fishing trips, but we had an available day today and with only 2 days left of federal Snapper season… we decided to take the opportunity to go fishing! The decision paid off HUGE time!

Today started out flat calm. The ride couldn’t have been more smooth. The bait traps were loaded so we wasted no time and headed offshore about 17 miles. We discovered a new spot and immediately found ourselves bringing in big Snapper. We also got a few Amberjack & we hooked up to a nice Cobia that broke off at the boat.

As we drifted across a weed line, a school of chicken Dolphin (mahi mahi) swarmed the boat. We quickly changed up our deep sea rods for some spinning reels baited with squid and had a great time catching over 20 of them over the next 30 minutes or so.

Eventually we had drifted a few miles off the spot and when we went back to it, the big snapper bite had slowed. We decided to head to another number but it wasn’t even a few miles in that direction before we rode over a hole that lit up the screen like a Christmas tree! We decided to fish the spot and within seconds we were pulling in the biggest Snapper we’ve found this season. We lost a few that were even bigger than these. After limiting out we decided to head back in.

Everyone enjoyed the day and even the little guy got to reel in his own monster Snapper that a big shark decided to help lighten the load by leaving nothing but the Snapper’s head. It was great to get out on a beautiful day with family we love.

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