March Fishing

March 11, 2015 by Tony Zain

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Hello everyone!!  It has been a while since my last report.  We had the boat show in town and lots going on here in Miami.  The fishing was really quite slow during the month of February.  We had unusually warm weather, which did keep some mahi around.  But the sailfish seemed to be absent most of the month besides a few good days here and there.  Since March though the fishing has improved quite a bit.  There has been some mahi starting to show up in good numbers offshore.  The kingfish are biting in 90ft of water, and there are a lot of skipjack tuna cruising the waters of the gulf stream.  The wind has seemed to pick up this month making it tough some days to venture offshore for the tuna and mahi.  But when the winds are high the sailfish have seemed to bite better.  On recent trips we have explored offshore on nice days and found mahi, lots of sharks, and a few tuna.  The key is finding current and debris.  Debris like logs, branches, palms, etc, seem to be holding lots of fish right now if you can find them.  We found a floating log in 600 ft of water on Friday, and there were sharks, jacks, mahi, sea turtles, triggerfish, and life all over it.  We sat on that log for about an hour consistently hooking up on fish.  There wasn’t much size to the mahi but they sure were fun on light spinners, along with the sharks.  It is truly awesome when you find your own little eco-system offshore.  Not only is it fun catching the fish, but the life you get to see out there is priceless.  Until next week!

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