Saltwater fun

June 20, 2016 by Brad Browder

Trip Info

The Catch
Spotted Seatrout

My customers were In town for a week and decided fishing was a great option being SC is famous for their fishing and they wanted to be part of it!
Great day light winds, tides or right, moons pull is in full force!
We catch a lot of the bottom right off the bat some re rigging and our ZMan products our back on the prowl! 
First Redfish on the Charter bait took us for a chase our battle was long and awesome. He dug into everything he could possibly find on the sallow flat we were fishing. He finally tired and was in my hands. Wow what beautiful fish! My customer he’s all smiles!  9 pounds and 10 ounces. We landed one more redfish and two sea trout for the 4 hour trip, a lot of missed opportunities but we had no help from the back of the boat! LOL! :)

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