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Smoker King!!! Amberjack Day!!

June 23, 2016 by E. Rogers

Trip Info

The Catch
King Mackerel (Kingfish)

The weatherman predicted 1’ seas for today…he was off again!!  The seas were 2-3+ in the morning and the wind died down later on but the swells were still there.  We tried to bottom fish but we decided to troll for some kings.  We were only 5 miles from the sea buoy when we hooked up on a 35 lb king.  Amber had the reel and found out really quickly the fish wanted no part of getting in the boat.  She reeled and reeled only to get the fish close to the boat before it made a run…over and over again this happened!!  By the time she got the fish close enough to gaff I found out what all the huffing and puffing was about.  She had hooked into a 35 lb smoker king.  That fish has a new name…but I can’t say what she called it!!  The second king came soon after but was small.  While motoring back into the pass we had a double hook up.  Both of those nice kings came into the boat with no problem.  Amber said she was going home to put some cream on her arm and have a drink!  She was all smiles showing off her nice king at the dock.  She even helped hold up the filet while I was cutting it off the fish.

After all the fish cleaning they went home with a 5 lb bucket of nice filets!!

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