February 02, 2015 by Glenn Flowers

Trip Info


Last year I had a member from IGFA that called me up and wanted to break a few channel cat records. I told him I knew right where to go to get what he needed. First we went to Escambia River and set 3 new flathead catfish line class records. Then we headed over to Steve’s place and set 3 new line class channel cat records.

Last week another member from IGFA called me up that got wind of what we did and he also wanted to set him some records. We made a game plan then headed over to Steve’s place yesterday. Lets just say he was not disappointed. We fished from 8 am until closing time, in that time we landed over 300 poundsof big catfish setting 4 new line class records.

Our top 10 biggest cats weighed 33,28,27,26,25,24,24,22,21,20 with countless teens and only a handful of fish under 10lbs. We broke all the records that Jason Shcall set in 2014 with me.

I have got to hand it to Steve, hes has grown some truly impressive fish there that only one place in the world can match and that’s the Red River.

We released all those fish back healthy and alive if any of you guys want a go at them.

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