A Cobia Day!!!

June 25, 2016 by E. Rogers

Trip Info

The Catch
King Mackerel (Kingfish)
Snapper (Red)

I had 5 anglers ready to go out (one was a small child).  We were up early and beat the rush and were the first ones in line at the bait boat.  We purchased some live cigs and went on our way.  The sun was just coming up and it was beautiful!!  We headed East and hit the first few spots.  We caught a few snapper and decided to move on to several more spots.  On one spot we started catching Kings and then hooked up on a cobia.  It was a keeper but small.  A few kings were already in the box when we had a triple hook up.  The lines were tangled and we missed one of the fish but managed to get 2 more kings in the boat.  While trying to get everyone untangled we saw what we thought was a shark.  Someone stated “we should shoot the shark”.  Then I looked again and it was a huge cobia!!!  Only one angler was ready to drop and he didn’t make it far down when the big cobia went for the bait!!  Since the motor was in the up position and off I wasn’t worried about the cobia running towards the motor….until the angler mentioned that his little Diawa reel was running out of line.  I had to put the motor down, start it and then chase down the fish so he could retrieve some of the line.  At one point the cobia came up to the surface so we could get a good look at the big fellow!!!  Everyone became excited and was waiting for the fish to get in the boat….it was a long wait.  This cobia was putting up a fight.  He would come up a little while and then go back down pulling drag.  The little Diawa reel just couldn’t pull in that big fish.  I ended up gently pulling the cobia up while the angler reeled.  The cobia finally came to the surface and we couldn’t wait to get him in the boat.  After several runs and attempts to gaff the fish we were finally successful.  He was in the boat…unfortunately he could barely fit in the fish box.  We had to curl him around and leave part of his tail sticking out. 

We ended up catching 4 snapper, 4 kings, one mangrove snapper and 3 cobia.  What a day!!!  The anglers stayed at my house so I prepared my famous “Heavenly Fish” recipe.  We also had grilled oysters, grilled cobia and someone bought 3 boiled crabs (as if we didn’t have enough food!!!). 

Seems like the fishing just keeps getting better!!  Tomorrow is supposed to be calm again…Hopefully the cobia will be around again!

Capt. Elaine

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