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Bay Cruise Safari Payday!

June 29, 2016 by Luis Burgos

Trip Info

The Catch

Jed landed a couple of Guavanchas and a really Nice Tarpon today.  He booked us just 1 hour prior to his fishing trip, even though we’ve been pretty busy but it was all possible thanks to the great services and great system of booking through FishingBooker.  The conditions where in his favor (barometric pressure, tide, moon phase) and only in this two hour trip, he managed to capitalize on the opportunity with a (((100% hook up ratio))).

Did I mentioned that it was Jed’s first Tarpon ever?!?!  Yes it was and a very nice one it was.  With that, another great guest that has defied the odds of catching his first one ver, thanks to the pointers and guiding experience that we can offer @ Caribbean Fishing Academy Charters. 

Jed, thank you again for choosing, therefore; helping the kids of Puerto Rico through your support and hope that you enjoy your new fishing stories with friends and family for years to come.

Gracias amigo;
Capt.  Luis Burgos
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