New Angler Graduate in the Island!

July 01, 2016 by Luis Burgos

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The Catch

Beth has graduated to be an official Angler in our book!  She landed this magnificent Tarpon ever all on her own.  Took her 45 minutes to land it during the first hour of the high tide on a very productive area that the fishing patterns have guided us to.  Tough beautiful gal!  On the process, she learned how to master the “Bow to the King” technique to the T and how to fight a big fish on light tackle.  With this, we have contributed with another VIP guest to defy the odds on catching a Tarpon.  Not only that, she did it with flying colors with a really nice one.  She was able to accomplish it due to her being so coachable, her great attitude and awesome determination to do it on her own; although she relied on the “Big Fish Hand Shake Dance” a lot :)

Great time with you Brian and Beth and thank you for allowing us at Caribbean Fishing Academy Charters to serve you.  We are very grateful for your support.

Muchas gracias amigos!
Capt.  Luis Burgos
Caribbean Fishing Academy Charters

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