February Charter fishing report
February 04, 2022 Folly Beach 2 photos

Trip Summary

Folly Beach fishing charters on Nearshore and Deep Sea fishing trips have been producing good size and numbers of Black Drum, Sheepshead, Redfish, Black Sea Bass and several other species. These fish are aggressively attacking a variety of cut and live baits. We have also found a tendency to score larger fish on big artificial lures such as Bucktail jigs and 5 inch swim baits by jigging around submerged structure and rock piles. Inshore fishing charters out of Folly Beach have been targeting large schools of Redfish both in the creeks and on the flats. The Redfish have been biting live shrimp, mud minnows and smaller soft plastics. We have been having good luck fishing everything slowly in water 1 to 10 ft deep. Many big redfish are being caught and we have had much of the water to ourselves, especially during the week. Keep in mind the fish can be spooky and a quiet approach will help you get more bites. The best thing to do is give them some room and watch how they react to your presentation. We recently had to back off our fish a few times and let them rest for 5 or 10 minutes before making another presentation and hooking up. Soon our short cold spells will give way to longer warm spells then, before you know it Spring will be here! There are plenty of good dates open but with Spring Break and Summer vacation on everyone’s mind a lot of reservations are coming in. Get your Charleston and Folly Beach fishing charters booked now. You can reserve your date and make your reservation online here, or simply call or text to connect with us. Let’s go charter fishing!
Kevin Blair
Folly-beach, South Carolina, United States
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Folly Beach Fishing welcomes you to Folly Beach, South Carolina! Treat yourself to a fun and enjoyable fishing trip to this first-class destination. Along with the friendly Captain Kevin Blair, you’ll most often fish inshore but will have the option...

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Folly Beach fishing in December
Folly Beach fishing in December
November 30, 2022
Charter Fishing in Folly Beach! December is one of the best months for fishing inshore for Redfish and Speckled Trout. These fish feed heavily in advance of our short winter, and now is the time to boat large numbers of quality fish. We typically focus on fishing for large schools that gather around shallow creeks and river bends, using live shrimp and minnows that are still abundant in our waters. For the angler that likes more of a skill based fishing charter we can target those fish with a variety of lures. We will cast soft plastic swim baits and crank baits. In my opinion nothing is more fun than feeling the fish attack your lure as you are working the bait past them. When you feel the fish inhale your bait a swift hook set will will get you connected and ready to do battle! On Calm days we will venture to our nearshore reefs to fish for Sheepshead and Weakfish. Both these species gather in large numbers to intercept baitfish as begin to head to deeper waters for our short winter. We will also expect to see large Black Drum ranging from 10 to 30 lbs. at those reefs. When those tough fish inhale your bait you need to lean back and lift your rod back to turn their heads away from the rocks or you may lose them to the rocks. As always it’s best to book in advance online but feel free to text or call with questions or to book directly with us. Or weather cancellation policy is more liberal in the winter and late morning start times are more common. I would love to see you on deck this winter so let’s get you out there to enjoy some of the best fishing Folly Beach has to offer!
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