Large Kahawai in the harbour

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The Catch
Snapper (Pink)

The day started chilly. We had decided to try our luck in the harbour just before high tide. We anchored at Stanley point and wooppie-a small school of Kahawai arrived.I had previously attached my new ledger traces with floating hooks and they were a great success.4 large fish in a few minutes.Over the years theres been much discussion about my storing rods with dangerous sharp hooks, and finally I have changed my bad habits.Now I use these strong tiny Mustad clips and I remove the traces after each session. It makes for far easier storage and keeps Craig much sweeter natured. Then the mist came all around us (Flights in & out of Auckland were cancelled),  but we were happy using paddle tail soft baits.A few pannies went into the cool bin. Rangitoto fishing was slow so we moved near the lighthouse and after a few hours visibility improved. We lamented not having come out much earlier, but it was necessary to take the boat trailer in for its warrant., and the no.1.Skipper was held up changing a cut new tyre on the trailer (probably occurred last week when we filled with diesel and nudged a rock garden.)We enjoyed one large Kahawai in a green curry with veges. Trip was 5 hours. Weather very foggy and misty.

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