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July 11, 2016 by Mark Magni

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Snapper (Mangrove)
Spotted Seatrout

Reel Till U Feel Charters, Tampa Bay Fishing Report
HOT, the muggy hot air has turned fishing times to early morning and sun set fishing. The early morning incoming tide has had a bite cooler water.
Fry bait is everywhere right now and has had the Spanish Mackerel busting up the schools of bait. The fry bait is the perfect size for the one bite Mangrove Snappers. Bridges are hold a lot of the Mangos and gives you some shade. Not only a good fight when you outsmart them but great fish to have some Fish Taco’s.
Some nice Trout have been landed lately in the deeper grass along with some nice Redfish. Shrimp and cut bait has been attracting Some Bonnethead and Blacktip Sharks. When the Spanish Mackerel start cutting you off go to a long shank hook.
You can’t catch a fish unless you have a line in the water so get out and enjoy the weather and have some fun.
Capt Mark Magni, Reel Till U Feel Charters

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