Hockey Olympian Flyfishes for Bonefish

July 09, 2016 by Luis Burgos

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The Catch

Our new friend from Switzerland flew for Bonefish and Tarpon Flyfishing with us @ Culebra Island in Puerto Rico and to enjoy a great vacation along with his family..  On the full family beach day part of his trip, we took them for lunch and snorkeling on our catamaran with the whole family.  Unfortunately, his Culebra, PR Island flyfishing trip went 1/0 on Bones but Swedish hokey Olympian and national player Julien Vaunclair sumed it up with the following:  “I have never seen so much fish in my whole life, plus the place we flyfished at was simply amazing” and he is a man of few words…  But check out his Half Day for Tarpon report coming soon :)

Although we where able to spot dozens and dozens of Bonefish in two different flats, the level of difficulty was off the charts for any Flyfishemen, due to the fact that we faced winds up to 19 knots and heavy showers in the early morning.  Not until the rain stoped and the winds calmed a little, great flyfishermen Julien was able to manage to produce a strike. 

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