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July 12, 2016 by Damian Clayton

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Snapper (Red)

The recent inclement weather conditions has resulted in a few trips being postponed and us having to work the few weather windows we get.
The last 2 trips have been in pretty good conditions for the most part and one of our Kids Fishing trips saw us head over towards Rakino Island where I had suspected there were to be bait schools in the lee of the harsh south easterly winds we had prior to the trip. There was bait there but was spread out with only a few good size balls holding in about 25-30m., The gannets that were in attendance were pretty spread out too and after only 5-6 snapper we moved off to try a burley trail behind Tiri on some foul with a bit of current flowing over it. The sign I saw on the sounder wasn’t spectacular and we only managed about an hour or so before heading off again in search of more action.  We found what we were looking for in the outgoing tide on the western side of the island where we were fishing uphill into the foul. The snapper were hitting just about every bait and the kids had a ball with some nice table fish to about 50cm gracing the bins.
We were lucky enough to have a prize pack sponsored for the longest snapper (thanks to Ocean Angler and FogDog Batters) and this kept the kinds fishing hard right up to the bell ringing.
The following morning we headed back out to behind Tiri and fished Shearers Rock. Drift fishing orange Sliders and baits we found good snapper including a fish of about 7kgs lurking around the edges of the foul where it meets the sand. It was a pretty productive session with a few rampaging kahawai thrown in. The snapper and kahawai were spitting up anchovies as they came aboard and the bigger snapper were spitting out shellfish and crabs.
The bite ended after about 90 minutes and we were left to try repeat drifts around the island and a burley trail where we had fished the day before. It was as productive as the previous trip with the tide being later, sea conditions rising and the current blow and cold snap expected.
The kids trip have been pretty well received and we have 1 more to do which is on July 21st
The deal is $100 ($50pp) for you and your child (6-16 years) to join us for a 6 hour trip with the emphasis being on the young anglers having a go, spending time with and enjoying the experience together.
We also have our regular day trips operating all year and from time to time our 24 Hour trips. The 24 Hour trips allow you to get an evening fish in (normally a stray lining session somewhere) and then a full day the next day…all this for only $240pp

Till the next weather window….
Capt Damo

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