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Fishing with a Legend

March 14, 2015 by Louis Rossignol

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The Catch
Black Drum

I was supposed to take 2 guys on Saturday, but when I showed up to pick them up, they had decided to go offshore. I told them, no problem, I’ll go out and catch a bunch of fish for them anyway.

Driving across the marina, I saw, the living legend, Larry Hooper who was also in the same situation. The weather was just too pretty for us not to go fishing.

I called Anthony and he came down to join Larry and I on Larry’s 24’ Avenger.

We ran down one pass and ran into a fog roadblock and had to turn around. Larry and I were both on the same page as where to go, it was as if he was saying everything I was already thinking.

I brought Larry into this little pond with a cut in it, and the water was flowing through nicely. Easing through the cut there was a bunch of mullet at the other end and next thing you know Larry is getting excited about the big redfish he saw tailing right in front of the boat.

Within just a few casts it was on, we pulled 3 big beautiful bull reds out and I hooked into what looked like a 50-60 lb. garfish that spit the hook after a few minutes of thrashing around in the water.

We left that spot and went to this point out into a large bay. When we pulled up there were pogies flipping out the water all over the surface. We had to let our baits sit but then eventually the corks would go down. Once we got the school fired up we were catching puppy drum, slot size redfish and bull reds all in the same spot.

Final count was 10 puppy drum, 7 redfish and around a dozen bull reds that we tagged and released, not bad for only a few hours. Upon returning to Venice Marina, I had the fish cleaned and delivered to my customer for when he got back from his offshore trip.

It was a great trip with a great story teller on board. Spring is here, the weather is beautiful and the fishing is only getting better down in Venice.

Enjoy the pics;

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