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Tarpon Fest

July 20, 2016 by Luis Burgos

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The Catch
Jack Crevalle

A Tropical system combine with a full moon has been favorable for our unique inshore fishing grounds and still standing.  Late in the afternoon, the Rooneys (amazing family of five) manage to capitalize on fish being hooked in every single drift, in a period of an hour and a quater on their 3/4 fishing day trip.  We ended up releasing two really nice Tarpons and Two really nice Jack Crevalles out of over 11 bites in total.

With this, Shannon, Becca and Tom Jr where able to experience to catch their biggest fish yet, being two of them Tarpons!  We are grateful to the Rooney Family for allowing us at Caribbean Fishing Academy Charters to serve you and honored to be part of such special Moments.

Gracias amigos;
Capt. LUis Burgos
Caribbean Fishing Academy Charters

PS:  Please share your awesome Tarpon photos taken on your pro camera :)

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