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Group of 7 anglers, which included 2 ladies.Got off on a good note as all were quite jolly and the weather had improved from the day before.Sea was good with a long lazy swell.
Left harbour just before sunup and proceeded to Seal island in False bay, which is about 6 nautical miles from Kalk Bay Harbour. Very light easterly wind.
Once we arrived at the island we proceeded to look for the fish.
As a common curtisy ” Time Bandit ” remains away from shark viewing boats also in the area, so we always position when anchoring, away from them as not to create any disturbance to their boats.

We thus anchored at the east end of the island after finding fish and the lines went down.Soon Red Roman and Bream were coming up much to the delight of the anglers.The ever present ‘nibblers’ created many changes in baits and soon the elastic cotton came out to keep these little guys at bay.

When the fish moved we retrieved the anchor and proceeded to the western side, clear of the shark boats to drift and fish.
It was at this stage that the anglers were treated to a bonus, a great white shark circling our boat.It soon moved off and we proceeded to the York shoal which is about 1 mile to the south of Seal island.

There we anchored on fish and a few more Red Roman, Bream of good class and silverfish were landed by the anglers.

When the fish went off the bite, as the south east wind came up, we retrieved the anchor and returned to Kalk bay harbour, which takes approx.1hour.
The round trip was 8 hours.
Time Bandit arrived back and all anglers disembarked safely,after enjoying a great time.

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