Sharks and Spanish Mackerel are active.

November 04, 2016 by Matt Bellinger

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Cooler weather here in November has moved plenty of bait into Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  When this annual migration begins the apex predators aren’t far behind and they are hungry! Capt Keith here at Bamboo Charters had a couple on the boat from Chicago and they wanted to get in on a shark bite, Keith didn’t let them down.  We tend to fish the Gulf of Mexico this time of the year for sharks and we do this due largely to the fact that there is a good supply of food for the sharks out there right now in the form of schools of Spanish Mackerel and other schooling fish.
The set up is simple, we chum with ground up Menhaden to draw in activity and we will throw small shrimp tipped jigs for Mackerel and Jacks for bait. Along the way we will catch Snappers and Sea Trout for dinner.  Once Capt. Keith had a few shark baits set he took two 20 pound Spin outfits rigged with plenty of braided line and 10 foot of 60 pound mono leader and a 3 foot section of 80 pound wire with a 8/0 circle hook. To this set up he uses about a 2 pound butterflied Spanish Mackerel for bait.  It wasn’t long before they were hooked up to a nice Lemon shark in the 100 pound range, after a good fight the shark was released as we do with all sharks caught with Bamboo Charters.  Along the way they caught more Snappers and Macks while waiting for the shark bite. Three more Blacktips were caught before a 8 foot Tiger showed up and put on a fantastic show ending in a quick release.  The Tiger was a juvenile and they are spectacular with it’s well defined stripes.  Blacktip sharks are a crowd pleaser and they put on a show!  Long screaming runs and spectacular spinning jumps let you know you are in a fight when you hook these sharks. 
We can put you on shark action on just about any trip we offer here at Bamboo Charters just ask when you book your charter here at Fishing Booker.

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