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What a week!!

July 30, 2016 by Graham Venters

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Well this week turned out to be a good one for Skipper Graham Venters on Gavito.

Monday saw our best fish for over a month with a 700 lbs Blue Marlin being brought to the boat and successfully released to live another day. Carl, the young man who caught the fish had been trying to get a Blue Marlin for over 4 years in different locations across the world. We were therefore very happy that we were the ones to fulfil his dream and WOW did we do that with this sizeable monster. It took about 50 minutes to bring alongside with a little help from the boat and skipper in manoeuvring to keep the fish on our stern and then finally to bring it alongside on the side of our choosing. The fish was taken on an 80 lbs rod with an Alutecnos 80 Wide reel and a Standard Islander lure in Blue/White configuration.  We had one very happy bunny for the rest of the day.  His only question was, Next time can we go out early as the next target on my bucket list is a Big Eye Tuna. This we did on Friday leaving port at 7.00 am., but regrettably, this time it did not pay off for him.

Teusday was re-fuelling day, so no trip out for fish.

Wednesday saw a new client who was also looking for his first Blue Marlin We covered the sea for 8 hours but had not bite. It was extremely sunny and the sea was very calm. Not much bait fish on the scope and no bird activity at all sighted during the day.

Thursday was with the same client as Wednesday. This time we fared just a little better with a small 4 kg. Long billed Spearfish being landed. Not what he wanted but another species off his bucket list, So all in all not a bad day. after all a First is still a First and that is good in anybody’s books. The fish was taken on and 50lbs Shimano rod and reel combo with a small 4” Williamson rainbow chugger and 7/0 “J” hook. The striking thing about the fish was the absolutely brilliant Blue colouring, really stunning. The fish was landed, photographed and released successfully to fight another day.

Friday saw the early start to try and find the Big Eye Tuna that Carl wanted to give him the perfect finish to his 3 day fishing excursion. We fished a long drop off which always has good bait fish present and this day was no exception, save that try as we might we could not find any signs of Tuna. We duly trolled for 8 hours without result.

Saturday saw a new client out for just the 1 day and we trolled a mixture of lures in order to maximise the chances of wither a Marlin or Tuna. At about 2.00 pm., the Stinger went off at a pace and we started to fight the fish. The result was that after about 20 minutes we landed a 52 lb Big Eye Tuna, Not great in size but certainly a spirited fighter. also being on the stinger it was caught on a small C & H cone head lure un blue on a 100 lb., leader and with 40 lb., line on a Shimano 50 lb class rod with a Shimano 50 multiplier reel. so fairly light tackle for the hard fighting species of fish. The was the first ever Big Eye for the client and needless to say it added to the freezer content of both the client and the crew.

Regards to all,
Graham Venters, Skipper

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