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July 26, 2016 by Pete Lamb

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The Catch
Cod (Blue)
Hapuku (New Zealand Grouper)

Deepwater and South - We’ve done a few trips over the last week. Had a good session on the hapuka on Saturday out on the south coast.There seem to be quite a few around at present. Normally the bite well into August then spawn and come back in October. While they are gone it’s mega bass time at the Trench.
The cod and teris on the south coast have been a bit harder to get onto but I have just heard from my mate Al that West ledge fired good gurnard (just out on the sand), a few nice trevs and a bag of tarakihi the other day.
Warehou have been caught in Lyall bay recently (15mtrs) in between the breakwater and shark fin rock.
Harbour - West of Ward has done the business for us with Elephants, tarakihi, gurnard and bluecod. Kahawai have been feast or famine from day to day. Point Howard has been the best spot recently
West - reports of snapper and trevs from Makara to Ohau along the 15-20mtr mark. Warehou and trevs an hunters and a few nice snapper north of kapiti as well - generally out in deeper water rather than close in.
Surfcasting - Havnt heard to much. Palliser bay would be worth a visit, Whangamoana for spotty sharks, Ocean beach for an elephant, Lake ferry for kahawai
Deep west - Theres been a few puka around, Fishermans, Makara and Ohau have produced a few fish. Warehou at fishermans are a very worthwhile target. Use pink 3/o flasher rigs, softbaits and slow jigs definitely the bomb - 40 - 60gm
Harbour still fishing OK Kahawai, gurnard, Tarakihi. No reports of snapper. Boat and shore.
South coast good for Blue cod and Tarakihi. No kingi reports. Good crays for divers. A few trevs and gurnard around too
Trench. Still hard fishing. A few puka. No Bluenose. Ling. Some bass. Whales seen.
West coast. Still fishing amazingly well for snapper around Kapiti. Cod and tarakihi good. No kingi reports. Puka hard to get on to.
Not really a lot of activity this week with boats. Shore good for kahawai
We got a nice stash of hapuka yesterday out on the sth coast plus some good bluecod and tarakihi.
Things are looking good weather wise this Sunday and possibly Saturday too for our fishing comp (part two - boat section).
Its been a bit quiet of late and the waters been dirty which has made things a bit tough.

There’s been plenty of kahawai around seaview, big ones too.
Ive heard of kingis getting caught in Palliser bay, big ones too but by a commercial operator not recreational.
Out west the snapper have still been around in good numbers but after the southerlies I’d expect them to go deeper and get harder to catch in the next month or two.

For surfcasting Palliser bay is still the place to go to catch fish - spotty sharks, kahawai mainly but a good chance of a moki or elephantfish.

For boaties out west, I’d try Hunters bank for trevs and warehou, hapuka at Fishermans 200mtr
or out south try Turakerei 220mtr for puka and bBring head for cod and teris - 60mtrs.
In the Harbour we’ve doing well in 15rmtr west of ward on teris, bluecod, gurnard, kahawai and elephants
July 15th
Trench - a few bluenose around, we got a couple on saturday. we missed out on the puka but there have been a few around of late with the odd bass as well
southcoast - good numbers of warehou turning up. large 3-6kg fish and small 500 - 750gm fish as well. Lyall bay, 5 mile reef, Sinclair head have all had reports of warehou lately. Plenty of teris off Baring head in 60mtrs with some good cod too. We got some very nice cod off west ledge yesterday and plenty of kahawai in Breaker Bay. 
west - still some good snapper, kingis and trevs around Mana and Makara. a 5kg puka got caught odd makara in 50mtrs on the weekend. Fishermans produced warehou and large bluecod on the weekend. The puka have been good out there but not every time. Hunters is worth a crack for trevs and warehou too. Tarakihi and cod widespread up and down the coast but better further south
harbour - We got a stash of elephantfish on wednesday off Ward island with some teris, kahawai and bluecod. Good chance of berleying up trevs (ward island to pencarrow) and warehou (point gordan or around wharves) at this time of the year. Still the odd winter snapper and kingi around. plenty of gurnard around the Harbour entrance, Seatoune and Pt Jenningham
Surfcasting - Plenty of kahawai still getting caught on the south coast particularly in Pallsier bay as well as spotty sharks too. Havnt heard of any moki but id say theres still a few lurking around Cape Palliser, Karori light and even Paikak or Pukerua bay in the rockier spots. Queens wharf has produced alot of warehou recently (small ones) - use plenty of berley, and strayine with small #1 hooks. Chance of a big warehou and fat tarakihi at Boom and armchair rock this time of year.

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