Sailfish, Multi-Species Shark Fishing

July 07, 2016 by Cliff Budd

Trip Info

The Catch
Grouper (Dusky)
Little Tunny (False Albacore)
Shark (Bull)
Shark (Hammerhead)
Shark (Tiger)

Greetings fellow fishing fans and I give you the latest fishing report. My objective here is to give readers an accurate report of the local fishing, no stretching.

The last few trips most of the pros have been catching and releasing some sailfish, sometimes multiples, with some really big fish mixed in. We had one recently that looked like a Pacific size sail. Black fin tuna are out there in the Gulf Stream. However, they have been running small. Like false albacore they are eating bait fish and some select flys.

Also, the shark fishing has been epic, we have caught and released sandbar, bull, dusky, hammerhead, silky, and saw a big tiger.

Tarpon fishing has been on and off, with some fish really sizable. Be prepared to run and gun a long way, if interested. The poons will eat live bait, and fly’s when they are in the mood.

Snook fishing has also been hot and cold from day to day depending on water temp and quality.

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