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It's Not Over Till It's Over

August 02, 2016 by Luis Burgos

Trip Info

The Catch

Couple of days after a Tropical System past by, the patterns where off…  Unstable conditions made this outing very challenging, it was one with a slow bite but… three quarters into the trip, Lando manage to get to a loaded rod, indicative of a very heavy fish.  Unfortunately he didn’t capitalized on that good strike.  Then right at the end and giving it all so that this great crew of three had another chance, Lando again was lucky enough to fight and land his first Tarpon ever.

Thank you Dustin, Lando and Miles for allowing us to serve you and hope you enjoy your new fishing stories with friends and family for years to come.  We hope to see you again.

Gracias amigos;
Capt Luis Burgos
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