Monster Queenfish caught on the troll

August 13, 2016 by Tobin Whiting

Trip Info

The Catch

We took a team of three out today, a father and two sons, very keen anglers. Got the lures in almost immediately as we’ve been smashing King Mackeral right out from the port. Big seas this day, solid 2m swell and gusting 20knt winds. But nothing stops Big Jig, and as we came over the top of a seamount holding good numbers of fish, the Penn International 16V screamed out, fish on! and this thing was tearing line off the spool, fast. The 15kg Tuna Stik loaded up gimbal on, dads in the hot seat today. After about 10 minutes of huge runs and spectacular ariels, we got colour under the boat, initially thought it was a big Mackeral, but when we got it boat side, it was THE biggest Queenfish I’ve seen around the islands. Weighed in at 12kgs, caught on a long corner deep diver 9+m on 20lb Maxima Green line. Definately fish of the day.

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