Fullmoon party or fishing?

April 21, 2016 by Tobin Whiting

Trip Info

The Catch

Out of two options, Tom chose to come out fishing with us instead of going to the fullmoon party. He really really wanted to catch a fish. So we took ‘Honey Badger 2’ out for some offshore jigging action. Once we got out to the pinnacles, we started slow pitch jigging with 80g jigs, using Ryoga Bay PE 2-3 slow pitch rods mated with Pioneer Jigging overheads with 20kg drags, not much gets away from these combos. After losing several jigs to the razor gang, we upped the jigs to 120g and got an instant hit, and after a gutsy fight, brought a nice Queenfish into the boat. Tom was ecstatic with his first ever Queenie, quick couple of pictures, and back it went.

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