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March 21, 2015 West Palm Beach 3 photos

Trip Summary

Fishing the last Month has been like a rollercoaster, up and down with highs and lows. It seemed like the wind was going to blow us away the first two weeks of March, with winds howling up to 30MPH and seas of up to 8 feet. These conditions make the fishing rough. The sailfish had moved in to the Jupiter/Palm Beach area with good numbers though the last three weeks but seem to have dies off the last few days as the wind had calmed down. When they were here it was action packed from **hidden content** feet anywhere from Jupiter to Boynton on live baits under the kites. Along with the sailfish the dolphin had been pushing through also, with the majority being school size but there were a few slammers taken on live bait. We are using 20 pound tackle with 40 pound fluouo leader to 6/0 Mustad circle hooks for the kite fishing setups. The spinner sharks (blacktip clones) have begun their migration and can be found inshore along the beaches from north of Jupiter to just south of Palm Beach. These fish are a lot of fun on lighter gear. We use heavier spinning outfits with 65 pound braid to an 80 pound mono leader with a short wire trace to catch these fish. When you see them swimming, a large chunk of bead bonito or a live blue runner/Goggle eye will do the trick. Cast it to them and hold on. The bottom fishing has been solid also, with a lot of solid muttons coming in the deeper water form **hidden content** feet concentrated around Jupiter and south of Palm Beach inlet. A nice cut goggle eye soaked on the bottom will do the trick. There is a lot of current so 16-30 ounces may be needed to hold bottom. Lastly, a windy March usually means good fishing for April and May as the dolphin, and kingfish should show up in some heavy numbers. Remember, when your boat sits and isn’t used often, problems can develop. Make sure you’re at least starting and running it weekly so everything keep the juices flowing and no corrosion or buildup occurs. There’s nothing worse than problems when the weather is finally nice for fishing. Pick your days around the wind, and get out there and fish!
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West Palm Beach one of the many great fishing hotspots in Florida. One of the prestigious fishing charters in the area is Angler Management. They’ve earned the nickname of being the “Sailfish Specialists” because they specialize in, and ...

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