Sanibel Fishing Reports

Hooking the Big One!

October 11, 2015 by Bryan Gagnon

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They don’t call ‘em “goliath” for nothin’! We had a guy, Mel, come out with us to spend a perfect Florida day on the water. Mel had been fishing before and knew what to expect, but on this day we all were in for a surprise!
After a half day of hooking snappers and a lone barracuda, Mel’s line caught onto something big. It took 45 minutes just to get it to the boat, and when he did, this goliath grouper kept hiding out under the port side of the boat. Capt. Bryan took over and dove right in to help hoist this monster to the surface so Mel could at least have a picture to take back with him. An exciting end to anything but an average day!

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