"VAMOS" our brand new charter boat!

August 04, 2016 by Randy Rode

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

We have been fishing “VAMOS” our new 30` custom-built sport fishermen since the beginning of August, catching Dorado, and a nice collection of bottom fish deep dropping. We also fished four straight days, fly-fishing for blue marlin and went 0 for 2 in four days. One Blue marlin hit the teasers so aggressively that he ripped part of the teaser off, a Moldcraft Soft Head, Medium Range, black and purple, one of my personal favorites.
We are continuing to fish hard into September, and expect a good blue marlin bite around the next full moon on Sept 16th. We will also be exploring new, virgin fishing ground, 25 to 32 miles off shore, what I am now calling the “Pinnacles” where the water depth goes from 9,000` to 450` and then a small ridge to 150`.
The potential of this spot has yet to be explored, more on this as we get out there.

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