Flood Tides and the "Dog" Days of Summer

August 30, 2016 by Lawson Builder

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The Catch

It’s the dog days of Summer and it’s impossible not to associate that with tailing tides here in the Low Country. I had the opportunity to sit back, relax, and be the camera man on a recent outing with my friend/guide Shep and Grant from the Low Country Fly Shop. (If you’re in Charleston, stop by and tell them I sent ya!)

We’ve been getting scattered thunderstorms here, which to many means no fishing but to us means the fish will be right where we want them. And it’s a good thing we did go. We left Isle of Palms that evening with the hope of snagging a few and just enjoying a beautiful evening. On top of that, Fin (Shep’s dog) was enjoying his first time on the skiff! We pulled up to the first flat and Grant was immediately slinging flies to tailers. Miss. Miss. Spook. Miss. After a few short attempts, it was on to the next flat.

Soon after, the sun started falling into the clouds and we made one last attempt at finding a fish. A few more tails here and there but the jewel of the trip was one of the biggest redfish I have ever seen on a flat. The fish was topping out close to 40” and happily wagging it’s tail chasing crabs along the bottom. Shep poled close enough to the fish for Grant to take a nervous pot shot. One strip, two strip and BAM! An explosion of water as Grant tried to set the hook. Alas, the excitement gave-way to cursing and a few laughs as Grant trout set the fish and the pig shot off into the grass to fight again another day.

Queue tales about tails and dreams of the one that got away.

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