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Cooler Mornings Means Hotter Fishing

September 04, 2016 by Lawson Builder

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Spotted Seatrout

** I’m pooling two trips into one for this fishing report, as I didn’t get as many pictures as I normally do.**


Each day I woke up this Labor Day weekend, the air was a pleasant 68 or so degrees. While it’s still warming up to above 80 in the afternoons, these cooler mornings mean that water temperature is dropping and fishing is about to be through the roof.

After our “Hurricane” Hermine rolled through Friday night, it was a perfect time to get out on the water. On Sunday I had two repeat customers, USMC Maj. David McGrath and his son, on the boat with me. We scooted out around 9:00 to enjoy a Flood Tide and fish the outgoing as well.

Within minutes we were on the first flat checking for grass bass as they gave their signature wave of the tail while digging across the bottom. But, with the lower tides this weekend, the flat hadn’t quite flooded yet. We decided to pick up and move to another flat. As we pulled on to the flat, we hit the tailer jack pot. One tail, two tail, three tail, I lost count.

David and I were working at getting him a redfish on the fly, but sadly it’ll have to wait until next time. The fish were happily digging through the mud, but had no interest in the flies we tossed to them. One spook, two spook, three spook, I again lost count. But, even with lost and spooky fish it’s a surreal experience seeing so many tails prominently displayed across the grass flat. That alone is worth a trip to the Low Country.

Once the tide was pulling out, we headed back into a creek and it was bait time. After a few minutes as the water started moving, we found a decent edge and started to pull fish up. We finished off with quite a few redfish, a small flounder, and a bluefish. All in all, it was a damn good day here in Charleston.


On Labor Day, I made my way out with two friends for the same routine as the day before. We poked our way around a flat, but high winds made poling and finding fish difficult. We still found a few and were able to make some connections. After a while, we decided we’d had enough of the wind and tucked back into a creek to sling some mud minnows. We threw popping corks on for the sea trout and put a few on the bottom. Following suit of the day before, once the water started moving the fish started biting. By the end of the trip we caught quite a few reds and seatrout between the pair.

I think I may have to change my earlier statement. In fact all in all, it was a damn good weekend in Charleston.

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