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Post Hermine Fishing is Great

September 06, 2016 by Mark Magni

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Snapper (Mangrove)

Reel Till U Feel Charters, Tampa Bay Fishing Report
The Mangrove Snapper bite still remains hot post Hermine. The storm brought a lot of fresh water to the area, along with no sun for a few days helped lower the water temp. While Snapper fishing a few small Gags and Red Groupers were landed.
Some Cobia are roaming around eating whatever is presented to them, it always seems like the littler one always goes after the bait.
Redfish bite is getting better, starting to see a few schools of them instead of ones and twos. Finding the trout in the deeper water along with the larger one in the deeper water.
The Snook are biting well, catching mostly the smaller ones. I really believe that the slot size fish generation is just not there where it needs to be. So handle with care.
You can’t catch a fish unless you have a line in the water so get out and enjoy the weather and have some fun.
Capt Mark Magni - Reel Till U Feel Charters

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