Destin Fishing Reports


September 10, 2016 by E. Rogers

Trip Info

The Catch
Snapper (Red)
Snapper (Vermilion)
Triggerfish (Gray)

What a beautiful day!!!  We started out early and by the time we approached the Destin Bridge the sun was just coming up over the condos.  The sky was red as the big red ball peeked out to start warming the day.  There was a short period of wind causing the water to be a little choppy but the swells were small so we could motor to the South without any problems.  The bait boat was out (Channel 80 Baits) and we bought a big scoop of bait for our journey.  No use wasting valuable fishing time trying to catch bait!!

We hit our first spot 19 miles to the SW.  The AJs were out and a little reluctant to bite our fish. One angler got the thrill of catching an AJ and it gave him a nice pull.  When I explained it was not yet full grown he was surprised.  The legal catch size is 34 inches when in season.  AJs were not in season so we placed him back in the water so he could grow up for the next season.  We also caught some triggers at this location.

We ventured a little farther to the south at a couple more spots and the grey triggerfish were large and plentiful.  The bait barely hit the water and the fish were on it in no time!!  Most of the triggers were big and gave my anglers some decent pull.  We also caught a couple of vermillion snappers which went in the fish box.  Since triggers were not in season those also went back in the water.  I will target these spots when triggers open!!

Even though we didn’t fill up the fish box everyone had a great time and went home with some sore arms.

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