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Top of the Morning......

September 10, 2016 by Todd Jones

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Top of the Morning…..
Got the chance to take out the two young bucks, my son Kacey and his BIL Wes, for a morning of fishing. Bypassed the bait stand and opted for an artificial only trip. We stepped out of the boat before daylight in about thigh deep water, on a shoreline with a big grass flat over hard sand. We could hear the bait busting the water, and it wasn’t long before we were hooked up on top waters. We stayed in the fish for a couple of hours, with the majority of the better fish taken on top water. We had lots of small to average trout on plastics too, but the better ones wanted it on top. We had gotten lucky and dodged the first few rainstorms that came by, but the one about 9am was a direct hit. After about ten minutes, it let up and we decided to make a move. We stopped in a different area that had a grass covered slightly softer bottom, with scattered sand pockets, and a steep slope toward the bay side. There was bait scattering everywhere as we pulled in. Kacey and Wes caught dozens of trout on soft plastic, and for a while, I couldn’t make a cast without catching a fish on top water. Some small fish, but some very solid fish mixed in. All of these fish were chasing tons of baitfish along the shoreline. We fished until about 10:30, culled out the best fish, and added them to our first stop. Decided to head in and beat the storms after a few drifts for redfish. My only regret was not having video with me for all of the top water blowups! Other than that, it was a great morning of fishing, and watching the boys bowed up on fish!

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