Throwback Thursday!!

September 15, 2016 by E. Rogers

Trip Info

The Catch
Scup (Porgy)
Snapper (Red)
Snapper (Vermilion)
Triggerfish (Gray)

My anglers on this trip were from Ohio.  They had booked with me last year but because of the weather they could not go out. This time we were determined to go out!  The weather forecast called for 1 ft seas on one sie and 2-3 on the other site.  The seas were 2-3 and an occasional 4 ft.

We stopped to catch a few baits at the sea buoy.  While there we witnessed a large manta ray playing and jumping out of the water.  We caught some baits and headed out about 12 miles to the SE.  We caught lots of triggers and an occasional snapper.  At one point one of the snapper did not go down and he was floating.  Before I could get to him to vent him again a large shark fin appeared.  This was the biggest shark fin I have ever seen.  Since it was only about 40 ft away from the boat we were all just watching what was about to unfold.  The fin moved over to the red snapper and in an instant it was gone!  The fin was about 1 ft high and a pale grey.  I’ve heard about a great white shark in our waters but have never seen one up close and personal.  Since I only saw the fin I could not make a positive identification.  Everyone on the boat was a little shocked at the site of the large shark devouring the snapper!

Although we caught lots of fish we were only able to keep the vermillion snapper.  Everyone was happy with their day and we headed back to the dock for cleaning the fish.

While cleaning the fish I told my crew about the small sea turtle who lives by our dock.  They were watching for him and he ended up showing up in a flash.  He swam around waiting for fish skins (his favorite).  Every time we tossed in a skin he would swim by and grab it.  He has grown considerably since the beginning of the year.  He used to be the size of a dinner plate.  Now he is double in size.

Here are some of the things we saw or caught over the course of the day:  Manta Ray, bait/threadfins, red snapper, vermillion snapper, white snapper (porgy), ruby red lips,sea turtle, flying fish and last but not least…the big shark.  It was an exciting day!!

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