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Mixed Bag Morning.....

September 18, 2016 by Todd Jones

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Speckled Trout

Finally had some time to load this video and make a few comments on the catch. This was filmed last Sunday morning around 7AM.  I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the video.  The lighting was a little low initially, and the first fish of the morning seemed to splash water on the lens, as well as my face, distorting the picture even more.

Let me start by saying, I don’t normally endorse or promote any certain brand of fishing product, other than SCB and Waterloo.  And, these two companies have established themselves as leaders in the industry all based on the performance of their products, without the need for any help from little old me. With all of the various fishing tackle and equipment that companies have to offer now, my philosophy has always been to stick with what works for you, and how you fish.  If you have confidence in a particular lure or piece of tackle, and you’ve had success with it in the past, your confidence in that equipment is far more likely to help you continue to catch fish, as opposed to the latest new gadget out there.

But, occasionally something comes along that may just help improve that often sought after advantage, and raise that confidence level a little more.  For the past four weeks or so, I have fished almost exclusively with top water lures. There have been a few reasons for this.  First, I started to grow tired (and broke) from fishing with croaker.  Secondly, with so much bait in the water right now, and the bigger fish feeding on this bait, I decided to offer them something else to chase after. And third, I wanted to prove (or disprove) to myself that a certain lure and a certain color might be more effective at this.

This leads me to the custom painted top waters I have had painted by Robbie Marsh at Coastal Marsh.  I asked him to paint me two Heddon One-Knockers, since the color selections in this particular bait are limited.  He painted them both with a very vibrant pearl body, adding a chartreuse head to one, and a hot pink head to the other. I have literally been killing the fish on these two particular lures over the past four weeks.  This bait is just a little larger than the Spook Jr., but not as enormous as the Super Spook.  In the majority of our fishing conditions in this area, this size works great in green to slightly off-colored water with a slight chop.  It seems more effective when worked along the troughs of the waves from an angle, as opposed to working it directly back into the oncoming chop.

I have mixed in throwing Spook Jr.‘s in similar custom colors that Robbie has painted, and have had success with those as well.  The two that have worked best have been the pearl/chartreuse and the clown color.  The predominantly larger trout, as well as redfish, have come on the One-Knockers.  As of now, the chartreuse head is leading the hot pink by about 60%-40% in the catch ratio.  These past four weeks have really solidified my confidence in this particular lure, and color, and I’ll be throwing it a whole lot in the future.

You can find Coastal Marsh products on Facebook, or you can see some in person on the shelf at Tackle Box, in Victoria, Tx.  Robbie can also paint up just about any custom color you can dream up, if you have something in mind for your personal arsenal.  And, for those of you with an angler in the family, this makes for a great unique gift for that special family member or friend. Just to aggravate Robbie, ask him to paint one up in the Cowboys colors, and go wear them out!
(He’s a Giants fan)

Tight lines,

Capt. Todd Jones

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