None If By Land, Two If By Sea

September 25, 2016 by Lawson Builder

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The Catch

Flats fishing has been on fire recently! The flood tides have been great and at the perfect levels to really get the boat to the tailing redfish.

I’ll get a little more technical than I normally do with the reports here so bare with me:

We’ve been getting extremely erratic winds from various storm systems which means wonky barometric pressure and one day the wind is blowing hard from the South West and the next day will be a perfect lightly blowing North Easter. While the South West winds have kept the water from flooding at a normal rate, the north eastern winds have provided very successful fishing. Surprisingly, when the wind has been blowing harder, the fishing has been better. This is because the tailing fish are drawn to calm pockets behind grass lines. This limits where we need to look and means we can find fish more quickly and concentrated.

Anyways, that’s how it’s been! Sunday was a picture perfect description of the above and the fish were in every pocket. The wind was blowing and I did more drifting than pushing really. I didn’t have a trip that day so I dragged the girlfriend out with me. She’s had a bit of a cold and decided that instead of fishing, a nice nap on the bow sounded more in tune to her song. Fair enough, to each their own. This meant that every time I saw a fish, I threw the rod between my legs and poled to it looking like I desperately needed to make my way to the bathroom. After casting to a few fish, that method paid off. The zing of the drag woke my napping partner up in time to grab the Nikon and snap a few photos before it was on to the next fish!

We poled around and made the connection to another fish. By that time we were ready to go. Did I mention the wind earlier? Well, the flat was getting shallow as the water was being blown out. So, being lazy, I got out of the boat and pulled it to my exit. (If you know anything about poling, sometimes it gets old and one less person on the boat made the going faster!) Well, we definitely weren’t catching as I trudged through the water, but two brought to the boat sure does feel like a good day on the flat!

All in all, weather is weather. In my opinion, on the days that look not so great you might as well go. You never know what you’re gonna stumble into.

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