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October 01, 2016 by William Burbach

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October is one of my favorite times of year. It is one of those months were everything is in transition mode.  Which means one thing, the water temp is dropping, days are getting shorter,  the weather is cooling down and fish are hunger. This time of year you can expect the fishing to be absolutely amazing. Everything is feeding super heavy to build up fat for the winter to survive. There are a couple key areas you want to target, depending on what species you want to catch.

          First will start with the Snook, in the month of October these fish have one thing on their and that’s food. As these fish move back from the barrier islands and spoil islands they are looking for anything and everything to eat to fatten up for the winter. What you want to target is fast moving water whether that is a mouth of a canal,  oyster bar points, deep sand holes, or mangroves line that has good moving water. Snook are ambush feeders for the most part and are looking for an easy meal. Some methods I like to use is top water preferably early in the morning is going to be the best bite. Another method is throwing jerk baits; I like to use any color that is natural looking or in other words match the hatch. You can run them weedless with no weight or on a light jig head whatever method you like to use. Of course there is good old live bait, which you can never go wrong with. Pilchards, shrimp, and pinfish is probably your best bet for catching snook. Just remember that they are catch and release fish and should be handle with great care.

          October also brings great fishing for redfish. Redfish this time of year is phenomenal. You want to look for fish around oyster bars, mangroves line that hang way over the water, and deep pot holes in the flats. These fish are also so feeding heavy to fatten up for the winter. You want to look for these fish feeding most aggressively towards the end of incoming and the first of outgoing. The baits that I prefer to use are pilchards, pinfish, or good old live shrimp under a cork. For you artificial guys I like to use top water first thing in the morning concenrating on the three key areas. Once the sun gets up a little switch to a gold spoon ½ oz. or a gulp shrimp on a 1/8 oz.  jig head. You will be sure to catch some fish if you use these methods.

          Finally one of your best bets for catching lots of fish in October is simple just the flats. Look for birds diving on the flats or find were the water is moving on and off the flat. Again use pilchards or shrimp under a cork or free line them which ever you prefer. You can catch an assortment of fish from trout, ladyfish, Spanish mackerel, and even a cobia or two. Use these methods and you will be sure to catch some fish.

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